Damilola, Our Loved Boy

In August 2000 British-educated Richard Taylor, an official in the Nigerian ministry in Lagos, is opposed to his wife Gloria taking their ten year old son Damilola to London, along with older brother Tunde and sister Gdeni, who needs treatment for her epilepsy, but ultimately gives in. Gloria and her children, having been denied a council house, live with an aunt on a rough estate and Damolola is bullied at school but finds an outlet in the local library&#39s computer club. One November afternoon Damolola is stabbed and left to die and when Richard arrives in England he is angry with the family, especially Tunde for not protecting his brother. Ultimately two brothers are convicted and sent to youth custody but it takes several years for Richard, channelling his rage into establishing a charitable trust for underprivileged youngsters, to reunite with the family at Tunde&#39s graduation. A final credit reveals a grim statistic.